Hi from Nashville

After a long silence on this space and a whirlwind of activities I have landed in Nashville. Office work, what else?

I am staying at a pretty little 1 bedroom apartment that my company has booked for me. Here are some snaps:

My kitchen:



Living cum dining room:

Living room

Some of my attempts at taking a panorama shot with my Android from my living room window:



Hmmm… There’s something about USA and me. I am not much of a home person in India – I’ve done my schooling from hostel, worked in Bangalore where I was living in a hostel etc; so I am used to living away from my people. But when I come to USA, oh boy, how much I miss everyone! My mom specially will find it hard to believe that I wake up in the middle of the might feeling as if I heard my dad call my name ! :(

What else? I hope all is well at your end. I’ll keep posting more updates. Till then, take care sweeties…


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