Lampshade update {under 30 mins}


Once upon a time there were two lampshades, identical twins.

two lampshades


One got flower embellishments and a glam makeover. {You saw her here and learnt to make those recycled magazine roses here.}



The other one? Waited…

Then one evening when it was getting dark and snowing outside, she had some visitors: a black grosgrain ribbon, square flat backed gems and a glue gun.

30 mins later her transformation was complete.

Steps for lampshade

 Here’s how you can recreate this look:

1. Adhere the ribbon to the bottom edge of the shade.

2. Layout the gems on the floor to get an idea of spacing. I kept about an inch in between two gems and almost used 3 packs (of 24 gems each) for my lampshade.

Lampshade was the original shade that came with my lamp:

3. Again using hot glue gun, adhere the square gems on top of the ribbon.

That’s it. As easy as 1-2-3.

I love how it adds a dash of glam to our bed side table without being too girly-girly. And the possibilities are endless – just change the color or width of ribbon, color or size of gems.

Hope you like it.


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