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Hi everyone,

Happy new week! I have some updates for you all today, so let’s get to them right away. In case you are looking for this week’s card idea (it’s a video this time), do click here.

First of all a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to each one of you for supporting VaradaSharma.com with your likes, comments and encouraging words. I am so grateful to you for all that love.

I started this blog as a way to express myself online. The crafts I make, food I prepare, ideas for decorating and even jewelry I made. I was all over the place. 

Going forward, I would like to have this space focus only on one thing – card making. After trying several different things to tinker with, my heart settled on ink, paint, pencils, paper, glue and scissors. Just like college days. :-)

Making cards makes me happy. Giving cards makes me happier. I sincerely hope it makes the people who receive my cards happy too :-)

greeting cards collage 1

I hope sharing ideas and projects here will inspire you all and give you ideas to try new things. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me try, don’t hesitate to reach out to me using any of the social media channels.

So, from now on here’s what you can expect from VaradaSharma.com – Weekly inspiration for card making. When I am not on vacation, you will receive at least one card idea, or may be some other similar paper craft idea every week, sometimes more than one.

I still have a lot of learning to do in card making – painting, stamping, coloring and so much more. I also have a lot to learn in ways to share – blog posting, photography and videography. I am going to keep learning and keep sharing as I learn. Please keep sharing your thoughts – words of encouragement, words of advice, even a simple “hello, what’s up?” :-)

In 2016, we will also have some more special things going on. Too early to say what exactly, but have a few things I’d like to try ;-)

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I will also be making some updates to this website / blog (look and feel, navigation etc) from time to time. As it happens, VaradaSharma.com is a one-girl show for the most part, so I am not thinking of planning a grand release of whole site updates or anything. Just some small tweaks here and there to make it more friendly to users as well as to search engines.

For those of you who loved my recipes and food ideas, I’ll be resurrecting one of my other, old blogs: Meal Times. I’m requesting my dear little sister to help me contribute something there on ongoing basis, so you guys don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you. (I would never do that, I promise!) Me and my sister are working on bringing that space back to life. Hopefully we should have something to share soon.

This is a new adventure, friends. Exciting yet a little bit uncertain. I am so hoping you will continue your support and friendship on both my spaces. 

Here’s to crafting, card making and spreading a little sunshiny cheer!
Much love,

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Comments on Heads up

  1. Swarnalata says:

    Hey Varada,
    Thanks for the wonderful writeup on “relocating to the USA” we will be doing that very soon next year and I am somewhat nervous, I mean with two kids one aged 9 and the naughtier one aged 2, I don’t know how difficult is it going to be? I know one thing, Get a membership of COSTCO? and thanks to your blog I will enquire some people who did the the big move before us.

    1. Varada says:

      Don’t be nervous, Swarnalata. It will be easier than you think. Make it seem like an adventure game for kids and I’m sure you all will make it a fun ride. Welcome to the States!! :-)

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