Gatefold card with fancy border

Hi friends, I have been absent from this space for several days now. Some security issues with the site made me uneasy about adding more content. So I held off a little bit. Sorry about that. Also, the weather here made sunshine so rare this past week and made taking pictures not fun at all. Please forgive me. I am working on it….

Here’s the card for today:

Merry Xmas

While making this card, I could not take a video, but I tried to create diagrams to explain what I did:

Here is step 1: arrange the two card fronts facing each other.

Here is step 2: Layer the two fronts together and tape the border die on top of both like so:

And the third and final step is to remove the loose pieces and adhere both back sides together.

After I got the main card itself working as I wanted, I kept a patterned paper on top of the larger side of the card front, fit the die in just like a puzzle piece and die cut it out.

Finally I added a sentiment sticker as well as a 3 star stickers (also from Pinkfresh Studio) and called this card done.

Love how it turned out. Will do more of such gatefold – die cut cards and try to do a video :-) The same can be done with several other border dies. Do give it a try.

I will be sharing more last-minute, simple card ideas in the coming days for the holidays. Keep watching this space!



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