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My workspace

Hi people, I hope you missed me. I have been so busy with so many things and yes, something exciting is coming in this space. I am still working on some finer details but soon, very soon… Okay, so today we are going to take a look at my workspace for a little bit and… Read More My workspace

ETC, Life


Hello my dear friends! I have been absent from this space for a week now. Been creating a lot of cards but trying to get some technical tasks taken care of for my website. So you will see my cards flowing a little slowly. Please bear with me as I get everything worked out. Here… Read More Update


Technical Issues

Hi friends, it pains me to tell you that I am dealing with some issues on my website. Although these aren’t creating a security threat to readers, search engines like Google are not able to find my pages anymore. I am working behind the scene to restore peace in this space. I will still keep chugging… Read More Technical Issues


Super Exciting News

Hello friends, today I am writing this post with my heart full of excitement and gratitude. I am joining the design team for Stamping Smiles Designs – tic-tac-toe challenge from July onwards!! I am super thrilled!! For more information about Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge, check out the blog HERE and read THIS link to find out all about how the challenges work. I am… Read More Super Exciting News


A brand new adventure

I haven’t done a non-craftsy post in a long time here on my blog, and a lot has happened in real life since the last one. So today, I thought I should do one. The biggest news from my side is that we moved. Yes, again. No, not across parking lot. Across states. We moved… Read More A brand new adventure

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Curd rice

This is one of our favorite cool-off recipe. When we do feel like our tummies need rest from spices or onion / garlic, when our brain does not seem to think of any more experiments with cooking, we turn to this one. It’s easy and ready in minutes. This one also turns out fine if… Read More Curd rice

DIY, Recipes

Quinoa upma

  I have been intrigued by Quinoa, the healthy and versatile seed, which is commonly substituted for grains. I saw pinterest food boards showing so many recipes using quinoa and even  health-food lovers recommending it. Supposedly, quinoa is a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. So this year, I really wanted to adopt quinoa into… Read More Quinoa upma

DIY, Recipes

Fajita style veggie side dish

For my project work, I often travel to Mt. Vernon, WA. A couple times me and my colleague, Nidhi, had lunch at a Mexican restaurant out there called Cocina. I really liked their fajitas. The veggies in that dish were simply juicy and yummy and just so very tasty. I wanted to experiment with that… Read More Fajita style veggie side dish

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