My Vision Board

  Hi after a very long time! Hope life has been treating you well :-)   As some of you would know, I recently celebrated by birthday. Got lots of wishes and blessings and gifts and had a wonderful day! Thanks to each one of you out there who reached out to me with your… Read More My Vision Board



This post is long overdue. It’s a confession of sorts. I have this weird (OCD’ic?) urge to always do something – if there aren’t 3-4 projects running side by side for me to chase, I don’t really feel good. It’s like my brain feels useless if it is not solving something. Also, I am always… Read More Cherish


Happy Rose Day

Hi friends, Valentines’ day is just 7 days away. Hope you are ready to start the party with us? :) Wish you a very happy rose day! Roses have always been identified as messengers of love. Thinking of gifting a rose to your loved one? Here are some creative twists you can add: – is… Read More Happy Rose Day


Flowers from my office garden

Winter afternoons in my office, strolling around the garden post lunch with my android. What better than to capture the beauty of blooms? This post is also intended to pay a tribute to all the attention to details and effort that our office maintenance team puts in their work. I am humbled by their dedication… Read More Flowers from my office garden

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