A brand new adventure

I haven’t done a non-craftsy post in a long time here on my blog, and a lot has happened in real life since the last one. So today, I thought I should do one. The biggest news from my side is that we moved. Yes, again. No, not across parking lot. Across states. We moved… Read More A brand new adventure


Ah Autumn

My first real autumn in US, in Tennessee to be specific, and I am totally in love with this place.  It is not the malls and the big shopping places that are having me hooked.  It’s the parking lot of my Kroger’s shop, the place from where I take a bus to office. and the… Read More Ah Autumn


Rock City, Chattanooga

“God Bless You, Swati.”, is all I could say to her. It was on her and Mr. C’s insistence that I stepped out of my 12th floor sanctuary on 9th June to go to Chattanooga. It was one of the best decisions I took. Spread over 4000 ft. on the Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Rock City… Read More Rock City, Chattanooga

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