Life is taking me places

  Life has been so busy lately. But I am happy about where it is taking me. :-) Recently I went to Boston, MA for a week for Product Management training and certification. Here are some pictures I took while I was there. I stayed at  Hotel Regency, Boston. The room etc was good, the only thing that I… Read More Life is taking me places


Radnor Lake, Nashville

A hiking / walking trail where Jenny was kind enough to take us. Enjoy the serenity. Lake Radnor Yup, they do have deers out there. and this one wasn’t even afraid of people. This picture looks like we are ‘on’ the lake, right? Look at this one, oh my… and this one… Thank you so… Read More Radnor Lake, Nashville


Ruby Falls, Chattanooga

Mr. C had been telling me to get out and go to some hiking trail, parks etc ever since I came to Nashville in March. He knows that I get very restless in a concrete jungle. Born and raised in Goa, I am used to greenery, flowers and nature being all around me. Finally I… Read More Ruby Falls, Chattanooga

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