Me thinks, me luvs you… {Wallpaper}

Another of my attempts with artwork in illustrator. I designed thinking of my DH, but I would also like to say this to my little princesses, family, friends, and all of you who read this blog and leave me your kind comments. My gift of the season to all of you … Me thinks, me luvs you… more than cupcakes!!! Another flavour of the same Feel free to use it as you please but don’t forget to let me know how you like it… Cheers,

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Flowers from my office garden

Winter afternoons in my office, strolling around the garden post lunch with my android. What better than to capture the beauty of blooms? This post is also intended to pay a tribute to all the attention to details and effort that our office maintenance team puts in their work. I am humbled by their dedication and hard work. Here is the beautiful result of their labor..  :)

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Breaking the silence {Wallpaper}

I know I’ve been silent for quite some time now. Last couple weeks I’ve been down with Typhoid. Fever, medicines, tiredness. All were a part of my days. But all that is over now. I am feeling better. No fever for last few days. Now all that I want to do is take things a little easy for some time and eat good home-made food so my body can reclaim what is lost. It also means I want to reach out to you again. One of things I missed most for last couple weeks was my blog. My virtual world. …

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