Where are you based?

Tennessee, USA.

What you as a customer can do

Make use of these digital images to create only handmade items, which you can also sell.

What you cannot do

You cannot sell, distribute, loan or send these digital images to anyone else. You cannot change these images in any way.

Commercial License

For commercial use of the images, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will help you out!

When will I be receiving my product

These products are immediately available once you complete the purchase since they are digital downloads. Which means you can use your product right away!

How would I access these files

As soon as you complete the purchase, a link to these images will be sent to you on the email address you used to make the purchase.

How do I print my item(s)

Once the purchase is complete, you will be transferred to the downloads page. If you get lost and can’t find the downloads page, go to ‘My Account’ from the menu.

Once you download and extract the images, you can print them. Set your printer to the highest quality for best results.

Do you accept returns/exchanges/refunds?

Due to the digital nature of our products here, all sales are final — no returns or exchanges or refunds are possible. However, if you experience any issue with your purchase, please please do not hesitate to reach out. Here’s a link for you to Contact Us.

Can I sell these Digis?

No, you cannot sell these products. Also, you can’t give out these products for ‘free’ on any website or blogs.

All purchases are strictly for personal use only. You can use these digital images to make a handmade gift for family, friends, etc. but you can’t commercially sell any digital products using these images.

Digi Stamp Angel Policy

You can use these products on as many handmade cards or gifts as you would like and you can sell those. But only when you print the images and use the printed ones to create something.

We would appreciate it greatly, if you link back to VaradaSharma.com.

However, you cannot sell or produce digital products with these images or use them for things like logos or website designs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us using this link.

Affiliate / Referral opportunities

Coming soon. :-) We are actively figuring this one out and we will launch it as soon as we can.

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