Kite flying – Uttarayan 2012

Here are some more pictures from my trip. Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti is a big festival in Gujarat. Everyone takes a couple days off from work, school is off and the whole family gathers on the roof tops of houses. “Doing what”, you ask? Flying kites and enjoying the sun! We also joined in the fun this year:


We were flying kites on the rooftop of my SIL’s house. Munching on sweets and namkeens. Enjoying the sun and the breeze. In the evening we launched a couple paper lanterns (they call it the ‘fanas’). Remember Tangled? The skies were as lit as on Rapunzel’s birthday in that movie.

As the day came to an end, kids turned on music and we had a dance party.

It was awesome! :)

Hope you had fun too. What did you do on Uttarayan / 15-Jan? Did you have fun? I sure hope you did have a blast…



p.s. All the photographs in this post are taken by me and include pictures of my family. Appreciate your NOT misusing them. :)




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Comments on Kite flying – Uttarayan 2012

  1. chiranjiv says:

    yippeee…. Uttarayan! The memories are so energetic :-) . I wish everyone in India would celebrate this festival, not only in Gujarat. It’s so much fun!!!

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