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Hello there,

I have been away for a while now. I’ve been living outside my laptop and having a great time at it! Sorry for leaving you guys for so long. I sure hope you all did exciting things too (and that you missed me at least a smitch…).

As some of you know, we moved (yes, again!). But this time not across continents, just across the parking lot :D. With this new apartment, I got a new place to decorate and make pretty. Isn’t that nice? What is specially exciting about this place is that it is on the ground floor.   { No more counting under your breath to control frustration when my 7 and 3 yr old princesses want to run and prance around. } This place also has a wooden floor for living area instead of carpets, so play-dough times are fun again.

To re-begin our journey, let me show you around my new house. Let’s start with our balcony today.  I wanted this room to have green and to have sunshine and to have flowers. Growing up in Goa (India), l lived amidst greenery. In my parents’ house, we have a balcony overlooking a small garden full of flowers and plants. It’s a joy to sit there in the evening and sip a cup of hot Chai. I wanted to recreate some of that magic for us over here. I also wanted to involve my girls, specially Diya, in some activity that is fun but also teaches her responsibility and care-giving. What better than gardening?

Our balcony is just plain (I think concrete) floor with screened-in sides. A couple visits to Big Lots (plant stands and most of our planters are from there) and several different shops (Lowe’s / KMart) for the variety of seeds + plants and an evening of loving care transformed that room into this:

chai room num

1 – Butterfly garland that I made for Diya’s birthday now hangs here {may be I will do a tutorial for this sometime soon} along with a butterfly wind-chime again from Biglots.

2 – Dahlias. Aren’t they lovely?

3 – Plant stand and planters

4 and 5 – A cute little bug and a hardworking garden gnome – both souvenirs from one of my favorite places around, Rock City.

Let’s go around, shall we? :)

Some of my planters and flowers

IMG_1695 IMG_1694

My cilantro, I can’t wait for the little green sprouts to show their face.


My little pink birdie and her house, …


My older princess’s scooter, she spends most of her summer evenings going all over the play-area with it…



So, how do you like it? Our balcony, our favorite little spot where we hang out in the evening and have our how-was-your-day’s.

Care for a cup of chai anyone?



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Comments on Our chai-room

  1. Swati says:

    Finallly,.. a glimpse.. though the wait was worth it.. Just loved the styling..Just your way… Want more posts…

  2. Chiranjiv says:

    My perfect place to have a cup of tea :-)

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