Quick and easy diy luggage tags


When Mr C and princess Akshu were going to India, they needed luggage tags. Instead of spending $5 on 2 tags, I decided to experiment a little and make my own. I am cheap creative like that :) 

-:Here’s what you’ll need:-

1. Vertical badge holders, like the ones here. About $6 for 12 pack.
Vertical badge holders

2. Book rings, like these. About $4 – $5.

book rings

3. Some note cards which I had on hand.

-:To make:-

DIY luggage tags - tutorial


1. Collect supplies.

2. Trim notecards to the size of badge holder, write name + address and insert into the badge holder. I also glued my notecards back to back so both sides got lines to write on.

3. Affix book ring to the badge holder and attach to the handle of your luggage.

See? Easy-peasy!

I made 10 luggage tags by spending about $11. Not bad, eh? :)


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